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Mecanica Group Gasoline Engine Oil /Motor oils:

Mecanica Group Gasoline Engine Oil /Motor oils are manufactured in Germany adhering to strict quality measures taken for producing high performance engine oils for Conventional and modern gasoline / motor oils . Multigrade and monograde engine oils are manufactured for all viscosities matching API Performance standards . Motor oils are formulated using different grade of Base Oils belonging to different Groups like Group 1 , group 2 & groups 3. SAE 30/ SAE 40 / SAE 50 / SAE 20W50 / SAE 10W30 / SAE 10W40 / SAE 5W20 / SAE 5W30 / SAE 5W40 are formulated to match performance standards like API SC/ SF/ SL /SM / SN .

Premium Engine Oil is 5000 Km engine warranty are formulated for engine oils matching API SC/ SF / SL performance standards . 100% Virgin Mineral Base Oil with Advanced Additives are usedin correct dosage and methodology to formulate high performance engine oils . These motor oils are mostly used in cars , buses and Auto rickshaws ( tuk tuk ) , Motorcycles and Scooters .

Gasoline Engine Oil Product Range includes :