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Chairman & Managing Director - Mecanica Group sal

Mr. Boutros Elias Phrem

Mecanica Group sal, founded in 2016, born of the desire to bring a genuine sense of diversity to Lebanon’s automotive industry.
At Mecanica, we know we can’t compare apples to oranges, just as we understand that no two people are the same.
When it comes to the economical crisis that had place in year 2019, we have established a strong business relation with one of the leader engine oil manufactory in the world, to serve our Lebanese market with a better engine oil quality with affordable and competitive price with our personalized brand name FREM OIL.


Mecanica Group | Frem Oil

Mecanica Group | Frem Oil

Frem Oil

Mecanica Group sal, Lebanon is leading Frem oil trading business of Automotive Lubricant Engine Oils ( Huile Lubricants' ) , Industrial and Marine Lubricant Engine Oils , Agriculture engine oils and grease of various Oils of Viscosities and API Performance levels namely SAE 30 , SAE 40 , SAE50 SC/SF/SJ/SL/SM/SN Gasoline Engine Oil , SAE 30/40/50/60/70 API CC/CF4/CH4/CI4/CJ4
Diesel Engine Oils and Multigrading engine oils namely SAE 15W40 Diesel Engine Oil API CH4/CI4/CJ4 , SAE 20W50 SL/SM/SN Gasoline Engine Oil , Gear Oil SAE 90, SAE 140 GL-4 , GL-5 Gear oils , Hydraulic Oils ISO VG 46,68,100,150 , ATF Dexron I /II/ III Automatic Transmission & Clutch Fluid .
Mecanica group sal is also a leader in trading of Brake Fluid & Clutch Fluid , Radiator Coolant/ Antifreeze in all concentrations of 100 % , 50 % , 33% , 25 % , 10 % .All these coolants are glycol based with Nonethylene Glycol(MEG ) , Diethylene Glycol ( DEG) and Tri Ethylene Glycol ( TEG)
Mecanica Group sal (36 min away from port of Beirut). Frem Oil brand representing one of the most leading lubricant oil manufactury in the Middle East that have modern and well equipped production plant / Factory with automated filling machine for automotive lubricant engine oils and industrial oils of 8 nozzles and 4 nozzles, Auto cap rotator auto sealer, Auto Printing machine, Auto Carton packing machine.

Two semi automated cranes and four forklifts are available for movement of goods, filled engine oil metal drums , oil filled cartons of all sizes 1L X 12 Carton , 3L X 6 Carton , 4L X 6 Carton , 5L X 6 Carton , 6L X 4 Carton , 4 L X 4 Carton , 3L X 4 Carton within factory .
Fleet of vehicles and trucks is available for transportation and loading of goods safely in the containers of sizes 20 feet and 40 feet.

Facilities of Frem Oil

- Well equipped Scientific Laboratory for oil testing.
- Quality, Inventory Management, Container Loading, Product development works as per ISO 9001: 2008 QMS Systems.
- Fleet of trucks and road tankers to deliver products to customer destinations all over Lebanon
- Financing facilities available for export and executing bulk orders.

Frem Oils are manufactured strictly as per API standards

Frem Oils match following specifications;

American Petroleum Institute (API).
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).
US Military (MIL).
Machine manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, GM, Ford, Volvo, MACK, MAN, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Toyota & others.
As per Customer Formulation (OEM Bases).

Frem Oil Product range

1. Gasoline & Diesel Engine Oils – Made from 100 % Virgin Mineral Oil 2. Fully Synthetic & Semi Synthetic Automotive Lubricant Engine Oils – Made with Group 2 & 3 High quality of Base oils with Performance Additives 3. Gear Oil , Hydraulic Oils & Industrial Lubricant Engine Oils 4. Greases

Frem Oil delivery terms

Lubricant Engine Oils are filled and packed in all sizes raging from 208 L Steel Drums , 25 Liter Jerry Cans/Pails , 20 Liter Jerry Cans/Pails , 5 L X 6 Cartons , 4L X 6 Cartons , 3L X 6 Cartons , 1L X 12 Cartons , 4L X 4 Carton , 3L X 4 Carton , 6L X 4 Carton .
Finished and Packed Engine oils are exported to various countries like FOB Jebel Ali Port , CFR Ammam Port Jordan , CFR Kuwait , CFR Bahrain , CFR Oman Sohar Port , CFR Qatar ,CFR Casablanca Morocco , CFR Saudi Arabia Riyadh , Jeddah Port , CFR Lagos Nigeria , CFR Ghana , CFR Cotonou Benin , CFR Ivory Coast , CFR Cameroon , CFR Durban South Africa , CFR Ethiopia, CFR Kenya Mombasa , CFR Algeria , CFR Gabon , CFR Tunisia , CFR Kinshasha Congo , CFR Senegal , CFR Khartoum Port , CFR Mozambique .

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