A flair for quality, variety and individuality

At Mecanica, we’re all about making a statement. Youthful, ambitious and eager to strike gold, we’re sharp, nimble and quick to respond to changing tides. We have our ear to the ground, and we’re ready to ride.

In other words, combine a real passion for cars with an eye for both trendspotting and trendsetting, and you’ve got Mecanica – the new kid on the car dealer block.

The story so far

Car lover, meet Mecanica. Smart, competitive, unique. Mecanica Group S.A.L. was founded in 2016, born of the desire to bring a genuine sense of diversity to Lebanon’s automotive industry. No clichés, no compromises – just like our cars, we are driven by the principles of power, elegance and reliability. Simply put, we stand for creativity, original design and unparalleled dedication to providing our customers with something new and different.

Stand out from the crowd

At Mecanica, we know you can’t compare apples to oranges, just as we understand that no two people are the same. That’s why, when it comes to our range of vehicles and customers’ tastes and preferences, there’s only one word we live by – variety. In our quest to satisfy even the most particular of motorist palates, we have committed to providing our clients with a range of models under three distinctive brands, each hailing from the USA, France and Iran.