Humvee C Series

Humvee C Series

Grade capacity: 60 deg
Side-Slope capacity: 40 deg
Break-over angle: 25 deg
Approach angle: 48 deg
Departure angle: 38 deg
Water fording depth: 762 mm/ 30 inches

Length: 4928 mm/ 16.17 ft
Width: 2148 mm / 7.17ft(w/o mirrors)
Height: 1930mm/ 6.33 ft
Wheelbase: 3302 mm/ 10.83 ft
Ground Clearance: 406 mm/ 16 in

3,493 kg / 7,700 lbs

3-piece welded box frame with 5 cross members
Steel bumpers with mounted D-rings
Cool pack ( Radiator, engine oil cooler, transmission oil cooler, A/C condenser)
Frame uprights with lift brackets
Geared hubs 1.92:1 ratio
GKN half shafts
Main and auxiliary fuel tanks
Torsen differentials

CTIS ready wheels tires
2 piece wheel: 

  • 17” x 8.5” aluminum wheel (CTIS Ready)
  • Goodyear 37” x 12.5” R17LT Wrangler MT/R tire with Kevlar

Riveted Aluminum body assembly with heat set adhesive
Fully painted surface
Sherwin Williams low gloss urethane coating
LED Headlamps